Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I was recently interviewed for a podcast titled “The Struggling Entrepreneur”, and wanted to share a link to the interview now that it is live. Myself and Fred, the host, discuss several topics related to startups – raising capital, having the drive to see things through even in tough times, advice for people thinking about starting their own venture and advice for those who have and are truly a struggling entrepreneur. We also discuss myself as an entrepreneur and the trials and tribulations I went through in my first year on my own starting a consulting/virtual CFO company without the safety net of a steady paycheck.

If you have the time (about 45 minutes), I’d love for people take a break from their hectic schedules and listen in. Hopefully there are some words of inspiration for the entrepreneurs out there.

You can find it at:

Click the play button or download. Likewise if you are an avid ITunes podcast subscriber, search for Struggling Entrepreneur and get Fred’s weekly interviews pushed out to you.

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