Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'll be doing a bit of a podcast interview circuit in March. I have 2 interviews lined up so far with a potential 3rd one. Will post more as the interviews happen.

Lots of talk about the economy and how it impacts the work of entrepreneur ism.

Press Release

Another press release is out!

Rogue CFO Predicts an Active Year for Angel & Venture Capital Investors

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Press Release

I did my first Press release Friday. I'm now offering Board of Director Advisory Services as well, since I've worked with several larger, public companies in the past as well as be on the board for startups.

Rogue CFO Launches Board of Director Advisory Services

Friday, February 13, 2009


I always thought about outsourcing some tasks that seem to be perpetually on my "to do" list in outlook, constantly reschedule for a month later so I don't have to look at them. After enjoying the audio book version of "The 4 Hour Work Week" which basically boils down to automate your business, hire virtual assistants, and batch process your email, I was inspired enough to give up one task.

The task: Find all entrepreneurial/startup/venture capital/etc. related podcasts and contact them to see if I'd be a good fit for me to be interviewed. After being interviewed on The Struggling Entpreneneur ( I've had a taste for blood, and want to get some interviews out there.

I'm paying my VA $50 to go create a list of at least 70 and up to 100 podcasts who I may be a good fit to work with. Exciting times.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've been doing a lot of reading on Sales & Marketing lately. Sales was never my thing, but I've learned that by effectively letting people what I do and how I can help isn't being a pushy car salesperson, it's just letting them know how we can work together.

On the marketing front, to this point my marketing efforts have been all free with the exception of an ad in a magazine, which generated zero leads. Time to kick it up a notch, and I've placed Google Adwords ads, as well as a Facebook ad. With my Google Analytics account also set up now so I can see where all this traffic is coming from, I'm looking forward to seeing how my advertising experiement works.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More and more exciting things coming

Like a true entrepreneur, I'm great at coming up with more fun ideas, and yet to still implement the last round. Currently on the docket (and there WILL be progress this week on several):

  • Video blog - connect with myself, the Rogue CFO face to face
  • Blog in general - I'll be integrating this blog into my site.
  • Articles - it's confusing, I know. Currently on my site ( the "Blog" link is really Articles I've written. I'll be retitling that section as such, and making this blog the true blog.
  • Email List - opt in to receive my blog and articles delivered to your inbox
  • Contest - my first ever Rogue CFO Startup Finder Contest. The details are being ironed out, but basically one lucky startup will win $5,000 worth of my services for FREE.
  • Podcast Course - what originally started as an Audio Book will now instead be a podcast course.
  • Rogue CFO's Guide to Startups book. Will take awhile, plan on continuing to write my book, giving you all the practical, real world advice those other shiney books at the store won't tell you.
  • Finally, a joint venture Entrepreneur Tools site - working with 3 other professionals in the startup realm of differing capacities, we'll be giving you, the entrepreneur, all kinds of tools to really launch your company well.
Look for several of the above to come really, really soon. As in this week.