Sunday, August 7, 2011

Growing company in need of a U.S. based C-level management?

Hi everyone,

If you are a growth stage company, don’t have a CFO in place and a virtual, outsourced CFO would work for you then let's chat. I work exclusively with startups and growing companies who need C-level management on a part-time basis. Bring in an expert whose helped launch successful companies.

My passion is working with companies globally, so I prefer non- U.S. companies. I've been impressed time and again by the companies out there on other continents, and partnering with exciting businesses is what gets me up in the morning.

To learn more, take a look at my site: As well I offer plenty of free resources for startups & SME’s – several white papers, podcast, and audio interviews.

Looking forward to hearing from some tremendous companies & CEO’s!

Chris Benjamin
Rogue CFO

Friday, August 5, 2011

Financial Model for your startup: the Rogue CFO Weekend Special

I've got a hankering to help out an aspiring startup with their financial model. Either building a model from scratch, or taking your existing one and refining it.

Obviously I am but one man, so the first company to act on this gets my time at a discount. Just send an email letting me know more about your business and needs and I can give you a quote, with samples and references as well.

To give you an idea, normally a model from scratch is $1,500. The weekend special - $1,000 for a brand new model, or if you have a model that needs refinement then less than that. Talk about a bargin.

Looking forward to working with a great startup over the next few days and bringing you that much closer to funding!

Chris Benjamin, Rogue CFO

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Need an Investor Package. Rogue CFO is here to help!

Need an Investor Package (business plan, financial model, exec summary & PowerPoint presentation)?

Hi everyone,

In my time in between CFO'ing for several startups, I like to take on project work in the startup realm. Usually it's putting together term sheets, valuations, financial analysis, etc. In the past though what I really enjoyed most was helping a startup go from 0 to 100 by working with them to create an investor quality full package - business plan, financial model, Powerpoint presentation and 1-2 page executive summary. Something to benchmark your company against, as well as something to demonstrate to potential investors as well as potential partners & employees you are both serious about your endeavor and have a solid, concrete plan of action.

So I'm throwing my hat in the ring - if you are a small to mid sized growing startup and need someone whose been around the block in the startup and investor world for several years to jump in and lend a hand, send an email and lets discuss.

You can learn more about me and what I've done on my site: , and if you have a bit of time, check out some of my free resources on the media page, as well as my free weekly podcast: - 10 to 20 minute audio show where I discuss various topics of interest to entrepreneurs.

A few FAQS -

1. I do not help in the capital raising process except for companies I'm engaged with as ongoing CFO
2. Yes it does cost money to hire me as a CFO, no equity only or post funding payments :)
3. Yes I know the definition of Rogue. If you appreciate the idea of a CFO who bucks the normal conventions of a CFO who is only numbers-minded, comes on board and makes a difference, and isn't your normal suit & tie CFO, then you get it. If it's not your style, no worries just don't bother to email me and let me know why you aren't interested.
4. Yes if you have materials already and just need someone to review them to make sure they make the investor grade, happy to do that as well.

Hope to hear from all those amazing, dynamic, world changing companies out there!

Chris Benjamin
Rogue CFO