Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I don't update this blog enough. Here's what's new with the Rogue CFO -

I'm focusing in August & September on launching Finance 4 Startups. It's a podcast course designed for entrepreneurs to give them guidance on all things finance related in starting a company. Business plans, financial forecasts, investor presentations, talking with angel investors and venture capitalists... and much more. Not just hours of me talking, oh no.

Here's a taste of what people will receive:

  • 12 – 15/20 min companion podcasts - for for EVERYONE!!!
  • 12 – 1 hour premium podcasts
  • ½ hour 1 on 1 consultation at course end to discuss your startup, the course, etc.
  • 8 weeks of Office Hours - an open discussion once weekly
  • 12 templates/checklists - business plans, financials, investor presentations, etc
  • Expert interviews - Marketer for startups, Lawyer for startups, an actual Angel Investor and more!!
  • Discounted hourly service rate for ongoing CFO services from Chris Benjamin, your Rogue CFO
  • Gain Control of Your Life podcast courtesy of Fred Castaneda
  • Finances for Startups - Overview in Laymens Terms podcast
  • White Paper “The Key Challenges & Problems For Startups in Capitalization and how to Address and Overcome Them”

What can I say, that's a lot of value for $150, the introductory pricing. Lots more to come on Finance 4 Startups.

In the mean time, August & September will be spent finalizing all of the above content.

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