Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just launched:

Check out - just launched this last Tuesday, and it's taking off fast. Exciting site, addicitive even! 1 cent auctions on high end electronics, with 1 cent increments. The catch, each bid costs $1. So you buy a block of bids... pick your time to jump in and bid, and try to win. Auctions are ending at super cheap prices (Xbox 360s for a few dollars), so there's definitely deals to be had. Shipped from Amazon via UPS, it's a win win.


moneyforschoolat said... is a scam they will not send me the auction I won. Everyone needs to let paypal, better business bereau know and anyone else that can help in closing down the site,,, It is a few friends working together to rip you off...Thanks

Anonymous said...

i won a 3700 dollar fridge from them in dec he sent me a 1800 dollar fridge on dec 5th and he will not respond to emails to send correct one

jared p said...

I think a lot of people who are crying scam probably lost money on these auctions. I personally, have lost money. But I also won, too. I can't vouch for swoopo, but I won an apple Ipod on Bidstick for less than $6. I think it's great that someone has found a way to sell items for pennies on the dollar. I mean who wouldn't want to buy 42" flatscreen hdtv for $50. You don't see that happening on ebay. You may not have to buy bids on ebay but you're not going to get anywhere near the same deals that penny auctions offer. And furthermore, if the penny auctions didn't charge per bid they couldn't offer you those deals. So, if you think penny auctions are a scam, maybe you should assume department stores are a scam, too. They dupe people into buying products for 300% markup. So, too bad, so sad. Don't get mad. This is just the world we live in.

roco111 said...

I won a Macbook bitches.they shipped it for $5. bidstik is tha bomb!