Friday, October 3, 2008

So what do I do again?

My website / (links above) highlights more or less everything I do... but what do I really do, day to day?

If I had to slice it up -
30% of my time is spent with ongoing clients where I am acting as CFO. The current roster includes:
  • Paradise Publishers
  • Internet VoiceMail
  • Big Bang Names
  • uboast
I also have 2 potential ongoing CFO roles, one, one retail product.

20% of my time is spent on ad-hoc projects. One time projects for startups who don't need a CFO at all right now, but are in the process of establishing themselves. Typically business plans, financial forecasts, investor packages, and/or some combination of all of those.

50% of my time: marketing. Including looking for new places to market, sending out emails, talking with potential clients, placing ads, etc. I enjoy it honestly, and it's fun to see what works and what doesn't (note: ad in Entrepreneur magazine: expensive, and zero inquiries from it. Free ads on Craigslist: drive the most traffic to my site, creates the most leads. Go figure.)

What does the future hold? All of the 4 startups above plus the other 2 have amazing potential. A LOT of things are in the works for everyone, and I help them on driving towards taking off. It's only a matter of time, but one by one they will hit. That said, I see a big transition in 2009 to working much more with the companies I'm an ongoing CFO for, with any remaining time spent on marketing/ad hoc projects.

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