Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whats new with the Rogue CFO?

Business and Personal -

I'm moving in a month 5 miles down the road to a new place, can't wait to pack my stuff and move in 100+ degree weather!!!

I got an Iphone and love it. I had a Blackberry Curve for 1.5 years, thought it was great, but time for an upgrade to quicker technology with faster internet. Amazing toy so far. Compared it extensively to a Blackberry Storm touch screen before deciding to go with an Iphone.

I'm still kicking around the idea of going to Toronto in June, and possibly Ottawa & Montreal on top of that.

My refined Craigslist ads have been good. I get less calls, less site traffic, but what is coming is quality, not quantity.

I spent more money on Google ads, didn't get many clicks, and also listened to the advice of someone who said the only people making money from having Google ads is the people who teach others how to make money placing them. Fair enough, the Google ad campaign is suspended for now.

I've been looking at leather couches for my new place on Craigslist, great deals to be had out there especially in these "tough economic times" as the kids are saying.

I've been quickly learning a lot about podcasting and am taking a Podcasting Secrets course over the next month to prep for Entrepreneur Tools Online launch.

I'm setting up telephone wire capability so I no longer have to go to the bank and spend 2 hours to send 1 wire, granted I have to go back to the bank 1 more time to turn in the paperwork and be set up for telephone wire capability.

There's a taste of the Rogue CFO's life right now. I have on my Jott.com extensive to do list to create a listing of video blog entry topics and get some more content up soon. Look for that before the end of May.

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