Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freeloaders have bad karma.

Lately I've gotten burned by a few freeloaders. Let me explain.

Company A emails me:

"Hi Chris, we found you (Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Other). We really liked what you had to say, looked at your site and think you'd be perfect to help us get to the next level. We have a business plan/financial model, and think it needs a final review and input, and then we want to go on with having a CFO as we really ramp this up. Would you start with taking a look at the plan and letting us know what you think of us, if it'd be a good fit, any feedback?"
So I'm nice enough to skim read a business plan and give feedback. Usually I can't help myself but to point out all the things wrong with it, small or big. I do hold back, mainly because I don't want people to think I'm a total jerk and out to rip them apart, and because I want to hang onto some leverage of what I could actually do for them. In an effort to build good will and a connection, I do give honest feedback, good and bad, and indicate all the ways I could add value.

None the less, about 3 times now in the last month I had people who were very clearly indicating they wanted to work with me, only to take my feedback and go "thanks! we'll work that in and let you know down the road if we could use your help". After saying how excited they were to work with me, how much they want a CFO now, how they want me to take their work and put my polish on it.

Not to say everyone is that way. Often it does go as it should, the company sees that I have a lot to add, things they didn't even think about, and we go down the appropriate road, usually a project for now to fix up what they have, with the potential for an ongoing CFO role if it makes sense.

Just wanted to get that off my chest, and let the freeloaders know that there was plenty more wrong than what I told you. Should have hired me like you promised.

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nish said...

loved the way you explained things. Much better many here