Thursday, July 2, 2009

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This is a post I just made all over LinkedIn to learn more about what others are listening to, and spread the good word on the outstanding chaps below -


Who listens to podcasts as a way to learn? Recommendation of my favorites all related to start-ups/entrepreneurship/marketing.

I've been an avid podcast listener for a few years now, with a growing interest in them. I started with some general business podcasts (along with a few news ones), and have found some quality ones really geared towards specific topics. In particular, I'm a big fan of ones entrepreneurship related, along with a bit of marketing. While there are a lot of junk ones out there put together by people who have more time on their hands than they do value to disseminate, if you can weed through them and find the great ones it is a great way to get a free education on various topics.

Ones that I recommend myself that I listen to often via Itunes:

The Struggling Entrepreneur with Fred Castaneda - interviews with CEO's of startups primarily with other entrepreneur related interviews sprinkled in (shameless plug, I was actually interviewed in December 2008 by Fred the host. Check out Episode 74!!)

Power to the Small Business with Jay Ehret - new age marketing from a marketing pro like no other. This guy is on his game and has his finger on the pulse of not only social media marketing, but all forms of marketing.

Startup Story Radio with Rob McNealy - great interviews as well with startup companies, venture capitalists, marketers, etc. He's been around a long time, check out the early ones as well as new ones.

Freelance Switch - hosted by 4 regulars. Is geared more towards freelance web/design people, but it is interesting

Small Biz Pod - interviews out of the UK

And for some fun in, The Onion is hilarious if you ask me. They have both a video and audio podcast.

Anyone else a listener to these or others? Always looking for recommendations on new content to consume!

Chris Benjamin
Rogue CFO

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