Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking for Companies Seeking Board of Director Members

Recently I’ve gone beyond acting as a CFO for growing ventures, and joining the Board of Directors for a few companies instead. The main differences are whereas a CFO is an operational, hands on role directly involved in more day to day decisions, the Board oversees the direction of the company from the 10,000 foot level. It allows someone like myself to offer their knowledge and experience with startup & growth ventures to help out the current companies I work with. Avoiding pitfalls and minefields, best business practices and ideas & suggestions for growth are all topics that come up at the board meetings.

So if you are a growth stage company (typically favor ones with traction in place where I can add the most value and relevance) and are looking to round out your board with a seasoned CFO to bring a finance perspective to the team then get in touch. I’m always open for the discussion and to learn more about each other to see if there’s a synergy to be had.

Chris Benjamin, Rogue CFO

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